Woo Il Lee, Ph.D.
President of the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies

Vice president of The Presidential Advisory Council on Science and Technology (PACST) – 국가과학기술자문회의 부의장


It is my great pleasure to congratulate the Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Singapore (KSEASG) on hosting the 10th Asia-Korea Conference on Science and Technology 2022 (AKC2022) in Singapore.

In the context of rapid transformation in multiple areas of science technology, KSEASG has played a pivotal role in promoting relevant exchanges between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Singapore. In this regard, the Asia-Korea Conference on Science and Technology has been a signature event of the KSEASG. I would like to express my gratitude for the KSEASG’s efforts in providing opportunities for the active exchange and cooperation among scientist community from both countries to be held despite the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic situation.

As is well known, Singapore has recently established and promoted ‘Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2025’ and ‘Intellectual Property Strategy 2030’ plans reiterating its ambitions to strengthen its status as a science and technology hub country in Southeast Asia. Likewise, the Korean government also announced a bold initiative, ‘The Korean New Deal’, to overcome the COVID-19 crisis and better prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It can be easily captured the same goal of the mid- to long-term R&D projects of the two countries that plan to take lead in the fields of AI, 5G mobile communication, cybersecurity, quantum computing, smart cities, smart logistics, greenhouse gas reduction, green buildings, and additive manufacturing. These all represent lucrative opportunities for cooperation between the two countries. We hope that the KSEASG will play a bridging role in cooperation to create R&D synergy between the two countries.

Korea and Singapore share a common success story, evolving into advanced countries through human resource-based innovation. Under this backdrop, I hope that the two countries will lead innovation around Asia and the world in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I also wish that this year’s event the best success in strengthening ties between innovative scientists and engineers of the two nations.

Thank you.