Ph.D. Hyunsung Park

CEO / Vice President
Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICS)

Address – Opening: 

Esteemed guests and distinguished members of the tech community,

I extend a warm welcome to the MFC 2024, organized by the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICS), within the vibrant city of Singapore.

In this hub of innovation and progress, we convene not merely as participants but as architects of the future manufacturing industry. With a carefully curated ensemble of renowned professors from across the world and the invaluable expertise of Hyundai Motor group’s preeminent engineers and Singapore’s local talents, this conference stands as a defining moment in shaping the future of Manufacturing and Mobility.

Over the course of the upcoming event, orchestrated by the HMGICS, we are presented with a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in a realm of breakthroughs, industry trends, and collaborative potentials. As we collectively navigate the intricate and complex of technology, I encourage each of you to actively engage with our distinguished professors, harness the wealth of knowledge they bring, and collaborate with local experts to embrace the boundless potential that this conference holds.

In recognition of the pursuit of innovation and the bridging of international and local collaborations, let us collectively board on this intellectual journey that knowledge converges with technology and fostering an environment of open innovation.  I express my sincere gratitude for your presence, and with that, I declare the commencement of the MFC 2024 organized by the HMGICS. May this event be a catalyst for transformative advancements and collaborative endeavors.